The 411 on Public Relations in a Multicultural Community


Our Nation has become a melting pot of cultural differences. Minorities now comprise a majority of the United States. It is obvious that diverse audiences must be included in the thought process on how information is put out to the public. Public Relations must be appeasing and received by all cultures. Information can no longer be one sided. To effectively reach multicultural communities an organization’s PR team must understand multiculturalism, meaning not just a few minorities but consider there are many others. It is no longer a “Black and White thing!”

The PR campaign must be strong, in order to be strong it must identify it’s audience, prepare the enterprise, recognize generational differences and be cognizant of language barriers. Public relations professionals are called upon to deliver more effective messages; promote deeper understanding between an organization and its publics. Diversity is the new normal and how Public Relations teams deal with that will be very impactful on how organizations are viewed by the public.



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