PR in Newspapers and Magazines


Believe it or not Magazines are still very relevant in getting information out to the Public. One of the most popular PR mediums is print. It makes total sense to secure a place in a popular magazine and newspaper because it’s guaranteed exposure. Think about the placement of such forms of media. Very often, you can find a stack of newspapers and magazines at the checkout counters of your local grocery stores and major merchants such as Walmart and Meijer. Picking up a magazine or newspaper and simply skimming through the book has become a well know “passtime” even if consumers don’t buy the media your product or service will still get the attention you anticipate.

On the other hand, newspaper may lose its place in PR a lot faster than other print media sources. It won’t be a part of the Norm forever. As long as newspapers are around, press releases will be sent to them. It’s just the way the industry works but as technology advances and everything can be found within three clicks on a mobile device, newspaper may lose its place in the race. All it will mean for PR in newspaper in the future is it needs to adapt to the times


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