“Public Relations in the News” Blog:

As the world turns, so does public relations. Public relations was once leading in the industry for getting news out to the public through media sources such as the newspaper. As modern society progresses so did the way public relations industry is led. Public Relations was forced to make rapid changes in order to stay relevant and keep up with the rest of the world’s advancement.

Technological advancement has set out a new platform for  media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  that came early in the 21st century. Are all easily accessible through the internet has changed the face of the public relations industry. Professionals in this field are now required to take part in these powerful societal forces to promote whatever organization they represent. Innovation and creativity in how they promote organization must always remain a top priority.


Sietel, F. P. (2013) The Practice of Public Relations (12th Ed) Prentice Hall


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